Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ResinObsession web site is now alive!

11-5-08 I spent most of the afternoon and evening yesterday populating the new ResinObsession website http://www.resinobsession.com/servlet/StoreFront. I think it looks pretty good, how about you? I did goof tho, as usual, I switched domain servers without immediately taking care of my email...oooops! I wondered why I didn't get many emails over the weekend. I thought everyone was just so busy with the election they weren't ordering anything!

I saw Fran with Little-Windows at the Quilt Show again this year. Her booth has doubled, her samples were clever and if the crowd around her booth is any sign.... I would say she is doing well. Congrats Fran!

Many of you have asked to see samples of some of my work and while a lot of it is off with vendors for shows or waiting pictures to be made in to kits, I've taken a few pictures of some pieces. Remember I'm not a photographer or very good at picture editing.

The coral and silver beads necklace and matching bangle doesn't show up as the true color but it's close enough.
The ring looks like a real stone in person.
The amber set is a technique I developed.
I hope you like. Thanks cindy@resinobsession.com
or as the guys at Maker Faire said
"The Resin Lady"

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  1. Hi Cindy: I went to your E-Bay Store to order several molds and I don't seem to be able to order more than one. I tried your info on BIN and return but I could't find a way to add more than one mold. Please help...Barbara avonb@sympatico.ca