Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Silicone Resin Ring Molds are here! Want to be one of the first to have one?

Finally! The first of the bubble ring molds are here! Would you like to be one of the first to have one? You can find a couple on Etsy and a couple on eBay under the ResinObsession name.

They may be a little tricky to begin with but I think they will be well worth the effort. You will want to warm the molds slightly, a heat gun, microwave or toaster oven will do. Squeeze the molds when filling to give you a little wider opening. Once filled about half way, roll the resin around to avoid trapping any air bubbles. You can use craft stick or a pair of tweezers that opens when pinched to make the opening wider when filling with resin. Once filled to the top lay a piece of glass over the top, this way when the resin has cured you can just snap off the flashing. Or if you prefer once the casting has cured and there is an indentation from the shrinkage add a little bit of resin to fill in so you don't have to do any sanding.

The red and pink rings in the photos are samples.

I hope you have fun with the molds. There are more to come!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New 2 part Silicone bubble ring molds are being born! Soon You can make your own Bubble Ring!

I'm so excited!!!!! Finally Silicone Bubble Rings are almost ready! All I need to now is wait.... it's the hardest part... letting them cure.... it seems to take forever! Once they cure I will need to pour the resin making sure the pour hole is large enough and stuff like that. They may require a syringe but I thing it will be so worth it! I even figured out a way to embed in them..... WOOO!! HOOOO!!!! That will be in the instructions included with the Silicone Ring molds.

I'm working on another design that I am just in love with!!! Here is a sneak peak.... It will be a silicone mold and also sold as a kit. The sample is not finished yet it's still in my head!