Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beautiful Thunderstorm Powerful MotherNature

I love it when it rains and find it soothing to work in the workshop while it's raining. But what a wakeup call when the lightening hit just outside the open doors. I saw a huge flash of light and the ground shook. I was using battery powered tools so no real danger. The kitties all gathered around wanting protection from Alpha Kitty Mommy. We frantically started running around shutting things down. All important electronics are plugged into battery backups but not the Internet cable. Lightening hit just outside our office yesterday 6/25/08 and traveled thru our Internet cable destroying our router, switch and pci card in the computer. I have things fixed and just need to tidy up. We lost a few emails we were working on at the time of the strike so if you have an email you were waiting on an answer please resend. I think we were finished with shipments for the day (6-25) when we had the strike but please email me if you have any concerns about your order. I will start processing orders tomorrow. Thank you and blessings, Cindy

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sister Babe creations from new ResinObsession Jewelry Molds

Sister Babe sent me these pics of her latest creations using the new jewelry molds. I think she did an awesome job.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New molds, new mold making machine starts Passion for Plastic

Exciting News! ResinObsession starts Passion for Plastic! A mold making machine is on the way. We will now have the capabilities to make custom resin molds! YAHOO! That means a larger Bangle resin mold will be hitting the ResinObsession store soon. You asked and I found a way to fulfill your wants. It's not fancy but it will make custom resin molds of your dreams..... I've been dreaming of a Bubble ring mold (which will be no easy task), how about you?

I'm also about half way thru the "Start to Finish Bangle Video". I think you will like it. It has several new ideas such as stone setting, painting, polishing, etc.

I'm trying to do better at posting on a regular basis. I have new molds to show you!

Oh and there is more great news! I have an assistant that helps me 2 days a week. Her name is Susan. She helps me stay focused and keeps our money straight. You know us creative types all we want to do is be in the Studio and not have to worry about the paper and money!

We also opened our ETSY store and have been welcomed with warm and wonderful orders our first hour! YAHOO! Thank You Etsy! Blessings to all. Cindy