Monday, May 30, 2011

5 Reasons Why ResinObsession LOVES ArtFire

Did you know we sell on ArtFire too? Well, we do, and here's 5 Reasons why:

1. It's a community of crafters and artists. Our products reach our target market without any marketing. We get to put the product where the consumer is.

2. We're inspired by the works our customers and other craftsters. As soon as we login to ArtFire, we're hit in the face with gorgeous hand made creations.

3. Listing new items is made super easy. If you're looking for a simple platform, where you won't wonder where a handbook is, to sell your items, then you're looking for ArtFire.

4. It's easy to host sales and markdowns. Once again, no handbook or lengthy research needed here. ArtFire makes it easy on you.

5. Pretty invoices. We sell pretty products. And we like pretty invoices to ship with them. :)

Are you on ArtFire? Sign up here: http://www.artfire.com/users/ResinObsession/sell-crafts

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drililng Holes is no Fun!

Drililng holes is a pain in the youknowhat when it comes to resin jewelry! (We even had to create a youtube video for it)!

But, we have figured out a way to avoid it...TOOBIES!

Toobies are our way of creating a hole in a casting without touching a single power tool. :)

Read our How-TO:

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How to Use Toobies

People ask us about toobies all the time! While we never mind answering, we thought we would create an article that spells it all out.

Toobies are unique way to create a hole in a casting with out drilling a hole. For example, if you have a rectangular casting that is 1 inch wide, and 2 inches tall, and you want the hole to be in the middle of the rectange, you would cut a 1 inch piece off of your toobie to make a tiny tooby. You embed this in your casting. This means you must create your casting in 2 parts.

1. Fill the mold a little less than half way with resin and let that cast.

2. Place the toobie into the mold so it is sitting on the hard resin. Make sure the toobie fits snug! You don't want any resin to be able to seep into the hole. After you're certain you have a good fit, secure the toobie in place with a drop of resin or a drop of superglue (We like how fast super glue dries).

3. After the toobie is secure, finish up your casting like normal and voila! You have a hole in your casting that didn't require a drill.
Easy as pie, right?"

Published on May 18, 2010 at ResinObsession.com

Purchase Toobies at ResinObsession.com

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ResinObsession Featured in BEADSTYLE Magazine & beads 2011 Buyer's Guide

Wahoo! We are super excited to be featured in two magazines this month!

We just love the comment in beadstyle's magazine "ResinObsession's steampunk clip art images are just begging to be encased in resin." aah soo sweet!

c/o BEADSTYLE Magazine pg. 62

Our ad in the beads 2011 Buyer's Guide is just as exciting! It features all of our brand name products. We have never been more proud! :)

c/o beads 2011 buyer's guide pg. 9


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Coaster Tutorial

Make Mom feel special with a home made coaster embellished with your favorite picture of you both! This tutorial is inexpenside and great for beginners. Send us pictures of your finished product and we'll add it to this page and our gallery.

You will need:
Coaster Mold 893
Flower Petals
Mold Release
Picture of you and mom
Resin Colorant (optional)
Reusable Mixing Cups
ResinObsession Stir Stix
ResinObsession SuperClear Resin

1. After Mixing your resin and spraying your mold with mold release, pour a thin layer of resin in the outer circle of the mold. You just need enough to cover the bottom of the mold.

2. Sprinkle in a thin layer of petals. It doesn’t need to be perfect, we will be adding another thicker layer of petals.

3. Pour another thin layer of resin until the petals are about half covered. Allow this layer to cure until “gummy” (approx. 2 hours).

4. Sprinkle another layer of petals until you have reached your desired effect.

5. Pour a layer of resin until the basin is about two thirds full. Using the end of your stir stick, push the petals down, touching the stir stick to the bottom of the mold basin, until you are pleased with the arrangement of the petals. Allow to cure until hard.

6. Pour a thin layer of resin into the center of the mold that just barely covers the bottom. Allow to cast until hardened.

7. Cut out the picture you want as the center of the coaster (We have created a downloadable template for you to cut around).

8. After all resin in mold is fully casted and hard, place your picture in the center of the circle. TO prevent air bubbles from forming under the image, try to slide your image into the mold rather than plopping it straight down.

9. OPTIONAL: You can add color to your last pour of resin to compliment your flower petals. Follow your specific colorants mixing instructions to achieve your desired result. Pour the last of your resin into the mold, about 1 mm away from the top.

10. When fully cured, take coaster out of mold and VOILÁ! You have an inexpensive gift from the heart to give to the leading lady in your life on Mother’s Day.