Sunday, January 31, 2010

ResinObsession is at the Tucson ToBeadTrueBlue Show

I hope I have reached everyone that I'm in Tucson at the Gem and Jewelry Show. I will return on Feb,7. No orders will be shipped until I return home. If you are at the Tucson Show come by booth G188 and say hi.
There is a lot of inspiration at the show.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Package returned from the UK

I have another package returned to me that the customer says they never received. There was duty owed on the package. Royal Mail has a sticker saying the item "not called for" for over a month. I know I told this person to check with her Customs Office. I've emailed HM Revenue & Customs to explain to me how the process works so maybe I can direct the next person that tells me they never received a package. If anyone has info on this subject please email me at cindy@resinobsession.com

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Graphic Artist needs resin jewelry Maker

This is an email I received and thought I would pass it on.

I (JoAnn) am a (graphic) artist in need of hiring a craftsperson who is skilled in creating resin jewelry. To be more precise, what I need is for someone to take the artwork I design for clients & encase it in resin within a pendant finding. I am in the Atlanta, GA area & would prefer someone local, though I suppose it really doesn’t matter. I would pay for each piece assembled as the work is completed (piece-rate basis). There would be no design work involved for whoever I hire; simply prepping the images to be embedded in resin & then completing the resin process.

The jewelry is a relatively new addition to my line. Currently, I primarily create clocks, designed from my clients’ photographs. I employ an assistant who assembles the clocks after I have designed & printed them. I mention this because the relationship I have with her is working quite well & I would like to have this same type of arrangement with whoever I find to do the jewelry.

If you’d like to get an idea of what I do (or to ensure that I am not some crazy person who just emailed you out of the blue), feel free to take a peek at my website: www.TheClockLady.net .

Thanks for any help you can provide! Maybe you know someone; maybe you could put a post on your blog; maybe you have another idea?



JoAnn Shorter

The Clock Lady



Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Shipping program

It seems there is always something. I've spent the last three days working on a new shipping program and finally today this afternoon I got it setup and figured out. I still need to work on the email that is sent out but that will take someone else who can do HTML.

It seems there is always something that needs to be done in the office and all I want to do is work in the Studio. I want to spend more time in the Studio.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Priority International Flat Rate shipping

I don't see why the US Postal Service can't have tracking on International shipments. I've started suggesting Priority International, especially the Flat Rate Envelope and Flat Rate Box. Now I find this small print in the US Postal FAQ. No Tracking on Flat Rate Envelopes and Flat Rate Small Box. This is so frustrating.

Online Tracking - Put our delivery information to work for you. Track PMI package shipments. Note: Tracking is not available for Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes or Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Boxes.