Monday, January 18, 2010

Package returned from the UK

I have another package returned to me that the customer says they never received. There was duty owed on the package. Royal Mail has a sticker saying the item "not called for" for over a month. I know I told this person to check with her Customs Office. I've emailed HM Revenue & Customs to explain to me how the process works so maybe I can direct the next person that tells me they never received a package. If anyone has info on this subject please email me at

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  1. I've not had a problem receiving your deliveries (except that time when I moved house)! The postman is sometimes not the most efficient at sticking a card through the door unfortunately! Small parcels are kept at the local post office (or sorting office if you live in a city) which is when you'd need a card for collection. There is a tick box that says there is a fee to pay and the postie writes the amount in there if they can be bothered. The parcels I get from you are quite large, so they're usually kept by ParcelForce (basically the parcel arm of Royal Mail). In this instance instead of a card, a letter with Parcel Force's logo on the front is delivered to the house with the amount of customs owed plus an £8 handling fee. You then go to the nearest Parcel Force depot with your letter, ID and chequebook and then it is yours ;) I imagine the problem is assuming the letter from Parcel Force is junk mail and it going straight in the bin unopened.