Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Graphic Artist needs resin jewelry Maker

This is an email I received and thought I would pass it on.

I (JoAnn) am a (graphic) artist in need of hiring a craftsperson who is skilled in creating resin jewelry. To be more precise, what I need is for someone to take the artwork I design for clients & encase it in resin within a pendant finding. I am in the Atlanta, GA area & would prefer someone local, though I suppose it really doesn’t matter. I would pay for each piece assembled as the work is completed (piece-rate basis). There would be no design work involved for whoever I hire; simply prepping the images to be embedded in resin & then completing the resin process.

The jewelry is a relatively new addition to my line. Currently, I primarily create clocks, designed from my clients’ photographs. I employ an assistant who assembles the clocks after I have designed & printed them. I mention this because the relationship I have with her is working quite well & I would like to have this same type of arrangement with whoever I find to do the jewelry.

If you’d like to get an idea of what I do (or to ensure that I am not some crazy person who just emailed you out of the blue), feel free to take a peek at my website: www.TheClockLady.net .

Thanks for any help you can provide! Maybe you know someone; maybe you could put a post on your blog; maybe you have another idea?



JoAnn Shorter

The Clock Lady




  1. Oh yeah, I'm in Charlotte NC...

  2. I'm a fairly new resin jewelry maker and would be interested in helping JoAnn out... It sounds like a lot of fun!