Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drililng Holes is no Fun!

Drililng holes is a pain in the youknowhat when it comes to resin jewelry! (We even had to create a youtube video for it)!

But, we have figured out a way to avoid it...TOOBIES!

Toobies are our way of creating a hole in a casting without touching a single power tool. :)

Read our How-TO:

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How to Use Toobies

People ask us about toobies all the time! While we never mind answering, we thought we would create an article that spells it all out.

Toobies are unique way to create a hole in a casting with out drilling a hole. For example, if you have a rectangular casting that is 1 inch wide, and 2 inches tall, and you want the hole to be in the middle of the rectange, you would cut a 1 inch piece off of your toobie to make a tiny tooby. You embed this in your casting. This means you must create your casting in 2 parts.

1. Fill the mold a little less than half way with resin and let that cast.

2. Place the toobie into the mold so it is sitting on the hard resin. Make sure the toobie fits snug! You don't want any resin to be able to seep into the hole. After you're certain you have a good fit, secure the toobie in place with a drop of resin or a drop of superglue (We like how fast super glue dries).

3. After the toobie is secure, finish up your casting like normal and voila! You have a hole in your casting that didn't require a drill.
Easy as pie, right?"

Published on May 18, 2010 at ResinObsession.com

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