Friday, November 21, 2008

Comments on Blog Who knew! Resin Jewelry as an art form

I just realized today 11-21-08 that I have comments on my blog! I apologize to those that have left comments and have waited for a response. Shame on me. I need a kid so I would know these type of things, that would be a great business for a high school student. Instead of babysitting or cutting grass they start a "Hire A Kid" and tutor us middle agers that have been left behind in the tech world. I would hire a kid for a couple hours a week to keep my files straight on the computer, show me blog, facebook, web site and other stuff. Anyway back to business while going over the comments I ran across the entry with Shannon's pendant and thought I would see what was new in her shop and again I'm blown away. Go take a look at her shop for more http://www.squareeffects.etsy.com/.

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