Friday, October 1, 2010

What kinds of resin plastic mouldings are available?

What kinds of resin plastic mouldings are available?

Plastic moulding is durable reusable moulds; they are available in self-releasing polypropylene and polyethylene plastic molding, used especially with clear polyester resin and casting epoxy.

TIP: Though effectively self-releasing, it is good standard practice to thoroughly condition and clean your molds with a mould release/conditioner before and after each use. Castin’Craft Mould Release/Conditioner is most often the release/conditioner of choice by knowledgeable resin aficionados.

How do I make a resin casting with plastic moulding?

Making your own resin jewelry or project is easy with a plastic mould and some resin, especially with one of our Beginner Resin Kits.

1: Protect your work area with freezer or waxed paper.

2: Spray the clean mould with mould release/conditioner.

3: Place the mould on a level surface, and fill the mould cavities to just below the top with resin.

4: Once cured, simply flip the plastic moulding tray over, and press the center of each piece to release it, flexing the mould if necessary.

There are a wide variety of ready-made plastic moulds available for you to use. ResinObsession, an online store started by Cindy, the enormously gifted ResinLady, stocks a large inventory of many different types of plastic moulding in a wide variety of subjects and shapes. She’ll also be happy to create a custom mould for you. Should you have any problems or questions concerning your resin project, don’t hesitate to contact Cindy - cindy@resinobsession.com —she loves to help and problem-solve with other resin crafters, whether you are a total beginner or someone who has been resin crafting for years.

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