Saturday, October 2, 2010

Plastic Casting with Alumilite’s Water Clear Resin

Plastic Casting with Alumilite’s Water Clear Resin

Plastic casting is the art of creating replicas or jewelry and other resin objects in molds with liquid resin. It sounds technical, and in some respects it is, but it is also within the abilities of most people to learn the tips and skills necessary to create their own perfect copies of needed parts or creative masterpieces.

The types of projects made with resin are unbelievably diverse: from utilitarian robotic pieces to impossible to replace wheels on models, railroad and gaming scenery with rivers of refreshing looking water, fishing lures, pen turning, glossy and durable furniture finishing to professional caliber custom resin jewelry. No matter what your hobby and interests are, there is a plastic casting resin available to see your creative idea become a reality.

Packaged in two separate bottles containing the resin and a hardener, you should gently but thoroughly combine the two in a smooth flat-bottomed and sided plastic container. It is then poured into a mold where the mixture creates its own heat which causes it to cure or harden into a durable rigid plastic replica. Pre-treating the mold with a mold release product such as Castin'Craft Mold Release & Conditioner is a good idea even when the resin instructions say it isn’t necessary. It may not be necessary for easy demolding, but it helps make cleaning the mold simpler and conditions it for longevity.

There are some tips and tricks which make creating your own plastic casting resin items easy, and Cindy the ResinLady is always pleased to help new and intermediate enthusiasts learn how to create their own resin projects. At ResinObsession, Cindy carries everything you need to complete your project, including the know-how and experience that will help you avoid the pitfalls many novices fall into.

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