Saturday, October 2, 2010

ResinObsession's SuperClear Casting Resin

Versatility, thy name is clear epoxy resin. If you are looking for one product that can give you a solvent-free and relatively low odor weather- and water-proof finish on your Cub plane or weekend boat, or a glass-like finish on your prized wooden bar, as well as beautifully detailed, artistic, and unique jewelry, then epoxy resin may be just what you are looking for.

ResinObsession’s Clear Casting Epoxy Resin is ideal for casting items which require six (6) ounces or less of resin in a mold. Beautifully stylish and professional looking faux metal jewelry, small statues and one of a kind cabinet pulls and knobs are all possible with epoxy resin. Simple to use, epoxy resin can give your jewelry or projects the look of dragonflies suspended in amber.

The many beautiful effects you can achieve with epoxy resin include a translucent glass effect, faux metal cast, faux granite look, and you can even embed fabric, prints, or copies of favorite photos under this glossy, transparent finish. You can create a variety of opalescent or solid colored items using opaque pigments, while that faux gem clarity is yours with transparent dyes. The looks and styles you can achieve with epoxy resin are limited only by your creativity and time.

If you have a particular project or style you are trying to create and think that clear epoxy resin may be right for your project, but you’re not sure of how to achieve it, give Cindy at ResinObsession a call—she’ll be happy to share her expertise with you. She loves to share her love of all things resin with other enthusiasts.

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