Monday, October 19, 2009

Recent Post from the DQFE.com about Resin Bangle Jewelry Mold

This is a post from the DQFE.com Blog about ResinObsession Resin Bangle Jewelry Mold:

Cindy with ResinObsession shows how she measures the Resin Bangle mold. Measuring this way will allow you to see if the bangle will fit. Many have been disappointed that the large resin bangle mold has produced a bangle that is too small. Now you can see if it will fit before buying. ResinObsession is working on an extra large Resin Bangle Mold to be released later this year. Artistic creation is…

Hi, Just a little update, the extra large Resin Bangle Mold has been released. It’s mold # 414 and it’s extra chunky for putting more embedments. Best Wishes, Cindy


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