Thursday, September 24, 2009

ResinObsession Rewards See & Tell
The search for Resin making ideas has it's rewards!! You can get 10% off your next order by merely keeping your eyes and ears peeled for any news in print, online or TV that includes products that ResinObsession offers!
It's easy to earn ResinObsession Rewards:
1) Be the first to email the sighting or news
2) News should be recent within the last 2 months
3) Email sighting to
4) You will be emailed a coupon code to be used on your next purchase.
Results will be posted on the ResinObsession Blog once the information has been verified.

Have fun searching!


  1. Hello, I'm in Portugal and would like to get a kit to start my work in resin.
    I have seen many sites and all say they can not have the resin on international security issues.
    His company sends?
    Do you know where I can buy the products in Europe should you not send?
    sorry my ingles, no speak very well.

  2. Hi, I can ship the Alumilite Water Clear, Amazing White, and Alumilite Regular to Portugal. I can not ship the EasyCast Resin overseas but I do have an International Distributors list on the eBay ResinObsession site. Here is a link :