Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ResinObsession Make It Share It

ResinObsession Fans!
Do you like free stuff? Who doesn't, right? Here is your chance to get free ResinObsession molds for making your own resin jewelry or resin projects. Post a YouTube video of your project that includes one or more ResinObsession products and get a free polyethylene mold of your choice including shipping!

The video needs to be new and of substance showing the use of our products or items you have made with our products and showing which products you used to make your items. The video needs to be at least , let's say 3 minutes long. Our ResinObsession products need to be named and it would be nice if you told us how you used the product. Send the link to the video to us by email at cindy@resinobsession.com for approval before posting the video to your blog, MySpace, Facebook, etc. After you have posted the video send us a link via email with the info of where you have posted the video, which free mold you would like and the address you would like the free mold sent to.

Sound like fun?! I hope so. I know so many of you are so creative and I think we should shout it out to the world. We will post the videos on the ResinObsession blog and other ResinObsession sites as well, for the whole world to see! If they are really good maybe we will include them in the computer video demos in our booth at the wordly famous Tucson Jewelry Show!

Best wishes,

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