Friday, October 3, 2008

Deep Well Bezel Ring Jewelry Resin Silver Taking Orders

I've spoken with the ring manufacturer and he is sold out. He will be shipping around the end of October for orders that are placed now. The rings have been so popular that I am taking paid orders and putting them on a waiting list. I talked to the manufacturer on Tuesday and since I will be placing such a large order I will be one of the first to receive my shipment. After filling paid orders I doubt there will be any leftover. I'm suggesting artists place advance orders with delayed shipping. Deposits will be required for advance orders. By advance orders I mean: some artists will be at Gift Shows so to fill their order they may need 50 rings in March, 50 in April, etc.

So many have asked about a quantity discount: 20 rings for $160, 30 rings for $225, 40 rings for $280, 100 rings for $600. Orders placed now; the beginning of October are scheduled for shipping the end of October. If you would like to be assured availability after the end of October shipping, it is wise to place advance orders with later shipping dates. Advance orders will need a deposit. These handmade rings have been so popular worldwide that the manufacturer is sold out! He is increasing production. Because I have asked for such a large order I will be one of the first to receive my order but I won't place that order if I don't have orders to back it up.


  1. Cindy,

    I am interested in the bezel ring for resin that you pictured on your website. I have been looking for bezel cups to do photo jewelry and have had a tough time finding much of a variety. Is this ring sterling silver and how large is the bezel cup on top? Do you still have a contact to buy them from. Do you have some good sources to find other bezel cups for resin jewelry.

    Susie from Missouri

  2. Hi Susie, I just realized today I have comments on the Blog! I feel like such a dummy!Yes the bezel cup rings, I have them in circle, oval, square, and rectangle. They are sterling silver overlay. The bezel measures about 20mm wide x about 5mm deep for the square one, about 22mm for the circle one and about 20mm x 30mm for the oval ring. They are all about 4mm to 5mm deep. Thanks

  3. Hi Cindy!
    Firstly, I love your site! I am starting to experiment with resin jewelry but my main interest is belt buckles - I noticed you had a couple of types available on your site, which are great but can you suggest any other websites that might have a really comprehensive range of buckle settings? I am having trouble finding any!!
    Thanks so much,
    Katie from Australia.

  4. Hi Jules, First thank you. I know I'm having trouble finding wholesalers for belt buckles and the ones I did find ended up being retail! I will be lowering those prices soon. I found a new wholesaler and have some new ones coming in. I will also be making belt buckle silicone molds soon. Thanks

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