Thursday, October 9, 2008

Celebration ResinObsession Kits in Craft Magazine

ResinObsession Kits will be in Craft Magazine's online store. We have been busy putting together 100 kits. We are also going to the Maker Faire in Austin Oct 18 &19 to demonstrate making resin stuff. Happy Casting!


  1. Total newbie to liquid plastics and am having fun teaching myself this new craft. Have found your blog and vidoes to be such informative resources and thankful to have the links! Hoping you will post a link to your kits in the Craft Magazine's online site, once they are uploaded!

    In the meantime, PLEASE wish me luck trying to rid my pours of the tiny floating bubbles, within the piece! I think I am going to NeEd It!!!! (I have such a fun idea, I can't wait to get to it!)

    Thank you again, for posting your experience and putting time into your blog (and other places such as ebay). It's hard keeping things updated, with so much going on.... your efforts are so appreciated.

  2. I just today realized there are comments on my Blog! DAH! Thank you Leslie, that so sweet. I know the bubbles are a pain, to us all trust me. 75 degrees and low humidity will help that. I'm working real hard on an even better solution I promise. thanks

  3. Thank you! We tend to keep our home quite warm durning the winter (wood stove) , which also reduces the ALL THE humidity (need a humidifier!!!). Hopefully that will do the trick!

    Just received your mold for the bangle bracelet and think the design is so well thought out. The surface is nice and wide, allowing for a lot of bubbles to escape. Also easy surface to sand on all sides. Can't wait to make a stock-pile of bracelets to wear and give for the holidays!

    Keep up the great work and creative inspiration!!!