Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gloss Shine to Resin Jewelry Casting

OOOOOOOOO the age old question of how to get that high shine back. It's one of my most asked questions. I promise there is a dvd coming by the end of the year, I'm trying. There are two ways to get the high gloss back once you have sanded your casting. One is to "DIP" not brush but dip your sanded piece in a new batch of liquid resin. Now before you do this you need to put some packing tape or scotch tape on the back. Resin does not adhere to scotch tape and you will need this to peel off the little drips. At the very second the resin hardens it will hardened little drips on the back. Now with the tape on the back you can peel those little drips right off. Now for the second way will require some tools like a jewelers variable slow speed bench lathe or a bench grinder will work but most of them are too fast unless you are very experienced. You will melt your piece if one is too fast. You will need stitched and unstitched muslin buffing wheels, buffing and polishing compounds. This will give you the professional high gloss finish. There is a book that you can probably find at the library that has great pictures that shows the polish and buff process. "The New Jewelry Contemporary Materials & Techniques by Carles Codina". Hang in there I promise there is more info and lots of new techniques and ideas coming soon on dvd. thanks

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