Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crystal Clay Butterfly Hair Barette Tutorial in 3 Simple Steps!

We're still obsessed with Crystal Clay and created this fun little tutorial for you to get aquainted with the medium.

Supplies Needed:
-Resin Butterfly Casting (We used Mold 554)
-Black Crystal Clay Kit
-Swarovski Crystals or Rhinestones
-Hair Barette Blank

Always follow the safety guidelines on the Crystal Clay Kit Box.

1. After mixing your crystal clay together, following the instructions in the kit, begin covering your already casted butterfly. You can use a bit of water to smooth out the clay if needed.

2. Begin Crystallizing your butterfly. Get creative with it!

3. Put a small ball of crystal clay on the blank part of the bobby pin. Push it into the Butterfly and allow to cure. And Voila! You have a custom, hand made, butterfly hair barette that you created in 3 very simple steps! Wear it all summer and be the talk of the town.


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  2. Is there any reason you couldn't line the bottom of the mold with your gems and then pour?

  3. HI Jaie,
    If you pour resin on top of crystals, they will not shine.