Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIY Crystal Clay Ring


Crystal Clay Kit
Swarovski Crystals
Pewter Rectangle Bexel Ring Finding

 Safety Precaution: Always wear gloves when mixing Crystal Clay. Gloves are included in the kit.
1.       Pinch a small ball of Parts A and B of equal size and roll into a ball.

2.       Mix Part A and B until it is entirely consistent and looks like Part A without any Part B in it.

3.       Fit about ¾ of the clay into the large rectangular bezel on the ring.

4.       Begin adding your Swarovski crystals to the clay. Use the provided toothpick with beeswax end to pick up the crystals and place them as desired. You do not need to press them in hard, as long as they are on the clay, they will dry attached to the crystal clay. You can get really creative with your crystals. Think: initials, flowers, animal print, favorite shape, any pattern or design. You can also lightly trace out a pattern with a toothpick on the clay before you add your crystals. 

5.       Add half of the remaining clay into one of the side bezels.
6.       Begin adding crystals to this bezel.
7.       Add the remaining clay into the last remaining side bezel and repeat Step 6.
You’re finished! You have a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind homemade, DIY ring that looks much more expensive than the supplies cost! Wow all your friends with your talents or have a Crystal Clay Party!

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