Saturday, August 15, 2009 Jewelry Making Supplies website fresh new look

What did you do this summer? I hope your answer is "Made lots of fun resin projects"! Or maybe you are waiting for the kids to go back to school so you can start some new projects. At ResinObsession we worked really hard at getting a fresh new website ready for you. Yes there are a few small details that we are still working on (if you see any misspelled words, broken links, etc please let us know) but for the most part it's all up and running.

Now for new projects we are working on: we have some kits complete with dvd tutorials, lots of YouTube tutorials and more more more silicone molds coming. We are finishing up details on new ways for you to earn free molds, yes I said free including shipping. Would you like to have pics of your finished projects posted on the website along with your name/company name? We are finishing up the details on that as well. I hope you like what we have coming.

Most of all, what's most important to me, I want you to have FUN with resin.
Best Wishes,

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