Monday, April 25, 2011


I thought some might like this info I shared with someone that emailed me about my Fibro.
Thanks! May I ask what types of vitamins you take? multi-vitamin BlueBonnet Multi-One no iron, Nature's Plus Black Cohosh time release for menapouse, Jarrow Probiotic, Life Solutions Liquid Super b-complex (I don't absorb b's so I take a liquid form), Vitamin D3. At night Carlson Chelated Magnesium, BlueBonnet Calcium. Magnesium and Calcium need each other to absorb. Best Prices I've found are online from Vita Cost, Total Health and Lucky Vitamin. Non of them carry everything that I take. I've tried other brands but they have fillers or didn't agree with my system. I worked with a nutrientionist and health food store owner to pick these brands. I do not eat preserved foods at all, not even cereal. You can try the gluten free organic cereal. Pretty much everything I eat is whole or from scratch. We rarely go out to eat ($$$) but wen we do there is no guarantee that there are no preservatives. I eat very limited amounts of foods that I do not make myself. One thing that is hard for me to cut out is sugar, Me too and the other is caffeine. I've sucessfully cut out almost all of my caffeine. It's hard and can take a year or so to accomplish it. My doctor recommends cutting them altogether but I have such a bad sweet tooth, especially for chocolate which has caffeine in it. I don't know how to find hormone-free meat . In you grocery store, there is a section of hormone, atibiotic free meats. Our Grocery store also has them in the butcher section.

I do have trouble with seratonin and melatonin, so I have to take medicine to replace them. Me too but did you know that seratonin is produced in the intestines so if we aren't eating leafy green vegetables then your body can't make the seratonin and melatonin. When I have flares, I can feel pretty depressed at the same time. Yes I know. It is not from a pity party. It just affects my system that way. I also cannot sleep without medicine. I will sleep until two in the morning, then I wake up.I use Flexiril to sleep 3 of them, it's a muscle relaxer but a side effect is sleep. Much better than the sleeping pills.


  1. Fibromyalgia is a disease that causes extreme fatigue.
    My cousin is suffering from Fibromyalgia for this reason takes prescription drugs - Oxycodone or Lortab - to control pain.
    I know that there are natural treatments to control Fibromyalgia like massage, aerobics and stretching exercises.

  2. Wow, here I am checking out your blog, after I just filled up a shopping cart at your website because I've recently become obsessed with resin and I find that there is another Artfire/Etsy fellow out there with FMS!! I've had it now for 16 yrs (dx 13 yrs ago). I wish I were as lucky as you in that I've tried so many homeopathic treatments for it and none have worked. (never tried the vegan diet tho----I barely eat as it is w/out FMS). The only thing that helps me is heavy duty narcotic pain management that is INCREDIBLY expensive (think $500/mo expensive :( - hence me now trying to sell my jewelry. The loverly insurance I have won't pay for it anymore, Grr. (my battle with breast cancer, with surgery and chemo in '03 really made my Fibro bad. That was the straw for me!!) I actually had to finally leave my profession as an RN due to my Fibro, (and Vertigo too). I've been making jewelry since '05 and only in the last year have I tried to sell it. I just haven't found my niche yet. Started stringing like most, but have branched out to wire working, PMC, polymer clay, some metalsmithing and now resin!!! Anyhow, while reading your blog, I've found I have many questions about resin jewelry making. Is it possible for me to contact you either before or after I make my purchases in your store's website? (before might be better, so I know what to buy!!) Sending a Fibro hug.....
    Andi from;