Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Plastic Moulding

What is plastic moulding for resin?

Resin plastic moulding is the reusable plastic moulds used to create resin items such as resin jewelry, plaques, souvenirs and sun catchers, drawer handles, and custom tiles. Moulds used for food items MUST be clearly labeled as “food-safe” plastic moulds. It is incredibly easy to make unique resin jewelry and crafts from a variety of resins, transparent and opaque dyes, and artifacts like small charms or flowers to embed are endless.

What kinds of resin plastic moulding are available?

Plastic moulding is durable reusable moulds; they are available in self-releasing polypropylene and polyethylene plastic molding, used especially with clear polyester resin and casting epoxy.

TIP: Though effectively self-releasing, it is good standard practice to thoroughly condition and clean your molds with a mould release/conditioner before and after each use. Castin’Craft Mould Release/Conditioner is most often the release/conditioner of choice by knowledgeable resin aficionados.

How do I make a resin casting with plastic moulding?

Making your own resin jewelry or project is easy with a plastic mould and some resin, especially with one of our Beginner Resin Kits.

1: Protect your work area with freezer or waxed paper.

2: Spray the clean mould with mould release/conditioner.

3: Place the mould on a level surface, and fill the mould cavities to just below the top with resin.

4: Once cured, simply flip the plastic moulding tray over, and press the center of each piece to release it, flexing the mould if necessary.

There are a wide variety of ready-made plastic moulds available for you to use. ResinObsession, an online store started by Cindy, the enormously gifted ResinLady, stocks a large inventory of many different types of plastic moulding in a wide variety of subjects and shapes. She’ll also be happy to create a custom mould for you. Should you have any problems or questions concerning your resin project, don’t hesitate to contact Cindy—she loves to help and problem-solve with other resin crafters, whether you are a total beginner or someone who has been resin crafting for years.


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