Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taking Your Creative Resin Skills to the next level. Attack of the Designer Toy Show!

This is a small sample of the creativity that can be done with resin. I'm not a writer so this is a small sample of the ariticle I thought you might find interesting. The complete article can be viewed at http://www.toycyte.com/attack-of-the-designer-toy-show-2.

Our first resin show (Mod Economy Fall 2008) drew a good crowd of curious folks…but this time for The Attack of the Designer Toy Show we met a lot of people that knew about custom toys and vinyl and wanted to see what we had. Knowing that the artists sculpted and poured their own resin figures was a big bonus as the idea of owning something more one-of-a-kind seemed appealing to buyers. As usual, artists shared information on casting techniques and the mold making process with the public. We even encouraged artists thinking about toy design to try it out.


The annual spring art walk was the perfect setting for Saturday April 18th’s opening reception. All the galleries were open and many made the jaunt around town to visit and see as much art as they could. At Avenue Arts Venue, Scott Higgins designed a blank DIY resin figure, Frugi, and asked Nakanari, N’reazon, Jason Ice and Jason Milstead to customize them. After lighting the shelf, we added a nice color effect to give the room atmosphere and playfulness. The custom Frugis were on the first wall as you entered the gallery.The soundtrack for the show was put together by a local DJ (Mr. RID) who found a great mix of sound effects and music from toy commercials, as well as plenty of rocking tunes like Tom Waits’ “I Don’t Want to Grow Up.” It was the perfect compilation for this mixed crowd.

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