Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Does your red pigment run? Hairspray catches it!

I have a tip to share from 2shawboys. Thanks!

I just tried something and it works, so I'm passing it on. When sealing paper/photos with modge podge, the red pigment always runs, but today I tried spraying my image with hairspray and blow dried it before I coated it with modge podge. This worked beautifully! Big hair may be "out" but there is always a use for hairspray and a blowdryer!
- 2shawboys

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  1. what a minute..... big hair is out? I don't think so...

    funny this was posted today. I've never had a problem with images running when sealing them, but actually, I've never sealed them and they come out fine. And today I decided to seal one and the black ink bled, so there's a faint yellow "glow" around the lettering. bummer. I'm going to pretend it was what I meant to do.