Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little Classic Little Sweet Little Punk Resin Jewelry

If punk is a little more your style Ana Paula can give you that too. She is a true artist.

Anyone for a little Queen Tea Party? You can find this at http://www.anatoonstore.com.br/. Ana Paula has a wide variety of items for sale at her online shop.

Monday, September 22, 2008

artist Scott Griffin


Bangle Mold Measurement Circumference not Diameter

I'm not ashamed to admit when I'm wrong. A precious math student pointed out that the term I meant all this time is circumference not diameter for the measurement of the bangle mold. No wonder why I confused everyone. I apologize. So everytime I say diameter just pretend I'm saying circumference OK? thanks cindy@resinobsession.com

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike

9-17-08 As of today we have internet. Everyone is ok we are just without power. It means so much to me all of the emails of concern and blessings. Again I have the best customers in the world. You touch my heart deeply. Thank you for your blessings. Cindy

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane IKE We are OK Love Cindy & Susan

ResinObsession, Cindy & Susan and Family have survived a major hurricane, IKE. Cindy is without electricity. Susan has electricity. ResinObsession business will resume on Monday but we are not sure if UPS and USPS will be operating on Monday. If there is a delay, your purchases will be sent as soon as services has been resumed. Thank you for all your blessings and your emails will be answered as soon as possible. thank you cindy@resinobsession.com

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Applications Being Reviewed for 2009 Buyers Market

This is an excellent show for marketing your creations to a wholesale market. If you are ready to take your work to a new level then investigate, investigate, investigate. Cindy

Contact: Christine Kloostra
Buyers Market of American Craft
Phone: 410-889-2933
E-mail: christinek@rosengrp.com
Applications reviewed on a rolling basis until show is fullBaltimore, Md. (September 8, 2008) --

Applications are now being reviewed for the 2009 Buyers Market of American Craft. Show dates for 2009 are February 13-16 (Jewelry Preview on February 12) and August 1-3 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The biannual Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft is the largest wholesale-only tradeshow of work made by hand in the United States and Canada, featuring more than 1300 artists. Buyers include retail gift shops, museum stores and galleries that sell fine handcrafted jewelry, glass art, furniture, ceramics, art made from recycled goods and more. Applications will continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. To request an application via mail, call 410-889-2933. Applications can also be downloaded from www.americancraft.com and are accepted via www.zapplication.org. Applications Being Reviewed for the 2009 Buyers Market of American Craft

Friday, September 5, 2008

Breathtaking artwork with resin

The way the last post came up in the Google alert it sounded like I did the paintings. I by now means intended to take credit for the work. I just wanted to share the many wonders that can be done with resin. The artist that did the work deserves all the credit.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Breathtaking artwork with resin

There is no end to what can be done with resin! This must be breathtaking in person. Cindy


Layering Landscapes
Jimmy Baker

Jimmy Baker, Kunar Twilight (Catskills), 2008. Oil and resin on canvas, 81.3 x 61 cm. Courtesy of the artist.
The excitement I get from painting comes from the challenge of making it engage the world I experience, while consciously acknowledging such a dense and complicated history as a medium. I’m not trying to create “new” paintings, just ones that feel appropriate to our constantly changing world.
I have always been interested in the twilight between fact and fiction. Living in Ohio has shaped my perception of global events through the ubiquitous lens of digital media. The sublime setting of Cincinnati has influenced the structure of my work, creating a tension between being nowhere and everywhere at once. The Internet has provided a virtually infinite landscape of images and opinions that has begun to mutate how I think about my work. It is headed into a blurred realm of uncertainty, where images are less defined, playing more on the fears and dispositions of the viewer and creating more of a mirror than a window.
My current paintings are rendered with oil on canvas, and then coated in resin. I’ve always wanted my surfaces to cool down the expression of painting, to make them feel more like questionable documents than blatantly personal objects. The resin is extremely reflective and creates a mirror-like finish that seems to speak to what is outside the image than what is contained within it.
Painting has been very difficult to embrace as my main medium. I want my paintings to connect to video, photography, and digital imagery in a way that feels natural, not forced or illustrated. Using classical subjects like landscapes and portraiture have afforded a balance to the materials and subjects in the work. I began using the landscapes as a way to explore sentiment in American painting. Now they are more about limits: the limits of expansion. I am looking at contemporary expansion on a national and global scale, particularly in respect to the historic notion of American Expansion, of frontier, promise, and hardship. http://www.jimmybaker.com/